ES4C: Educational Solutions 4 Change
ES4C: Educational Solutions 4 Change

Future Project Ideas

Projects that may be right for Educational Solutions 4 Change include some of the initial projects the corporation has considered such as:

  • Working with school districts, assessing and evaluating school programs or initiatives to improve student learning.
  • Partnering with a public or governmental agency to reduce conflict among employees by training human resources staff in mediation theory and techniques.
  • Working with training, educational or non-profit orginations to convert their face-to-face materials and/or trainings to the online environment.
  • General program, product and project assessments and evaluations.
  • Trainings for managers on leading multigeneratinal workplaces.
  • New educational program development at the K-12, college, and university levels.

Past & Ongoing Projects & Engagements


  • Keynote Speaker: Orange County Mediation Conference (March 20, 2015)

  • Committee Chair: SCMA annual Conference (November, 2014): As a co-chair of the 

    Voluntary Mediator Certification committee, presented the evolving business plan for the initiative.

  • Program Developer and Instructor: California Academy of Mediation Professionals, 

    Fundamentals of Court Mediation, 2014 to present

  • Program Developer: SCMA Mentor Program (2013-2014): Tasked by then SCMA 

    President, Wendy Kramer, to develop a new format that would revive the abandoned 

    program.  New program successfully launched in 2014, and Dr. Goetz taught in the initial cohorts.

  • Co-founder / donor of the Jane Small Scholarship for Advocates for People with 

    Disabilities (2013-present) 

  • Conference Co-Presenter: SCMA annual Conference (November, 2013): Presented "white paper" on Voluntary Mediator Certification.

  • Program Developer and Instructor: Mediation and Conflict Resolution, California State University at Northridge and California State University at Dominguez Hills (2009 to present)

  • Accreditation Evaluator: Distance Education Accrediting Commission (2002-present)


  • Developer of College Professional Development Day Events (2011-2015).
  • Presenter: Faculty can do it Too: Simple Tools for Course Accessible Materials.  (March, 2015)  30th Annual International & Persons with Disabilities Conference, San Diego, CA.
  • Educator & Presenter: (Nov. 2014). Effectively Leading in the Multigenerational Workplace. California State Assoc. of Counties, Sacramento, CA.
  • Presenter: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: The CSUN Whole-Program Approach to program Development.  (Oct. 2014) UPCEA Western Regional Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Co-founder / donor of the Jane Small Scholarship for Advocates for People with Disabilities (2013-present).
  • Key Note Speaker: Graduate Education for Students with Disabilities: The Future at California State University, Northridge. (Sep., 2012) Presentation at the 25th Anniversary of the National Tsukuba University of Technology, Tsukuba, Japan.

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