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ES4C: Educational Solutions 4 Change

Recent Projects

  • Managing Conflict at Work: Leadership Training, Riverside Community College District (2022)
    • ES4C trained over 150 managers and leaders in conflict resolution at three colleges and the district office.
  • Mediation training program for the Los Angeles County Bar Association (2018-2020)
    • 40-hour training program for attorneys and other professionals.
  • Mediation training program for the Los Angeles Police Department, office of the Ombuds (2015)
    • 45-hour training program for members of the Ombuds team dealing with workforce conflict.


Riverside Community College District participant feedback

  • Over 88% of the participants would recommend this training to other community college professionals and 62% indicated that they HIGHLY recommend the training to colleagues and peer institutions.
  • 82% appreciated the customization of the training for RCCCD.
  • 94% identified the KINS® model of conflict de-escalation in written communications – developed by the ES4C team – as something they intend to put to use at work long after the training is over.
  • RCCD Participant Quotes:
    • "All managers, especially new managers, need this training as soon as they take on a management role to avoid costly mistakes."
    • "This training includes aspects that are valuable in all communications to any level employee. Any manager should have all these tools at hand."
    • "These are skills that are transferable to many other areas, not just resolving conflict. Having many of the scenarios presented through an education lens was very helpful."
    • "This training has been very informative. It teach you to think through email responses, how important it is to use active listening...I really enjoyed this training and will practice this and use it to help not just me. But my team it’s a great tool and skill to have. Thank you."
    • "I had a great time in learning from those in the panel. The individual background(s) from those on the panel allowed me to look at things from each perspective."
    • "I thought this was going to be dry and boring but the facilitators made the subject surprisingly more interesting than I thought."
    • "​The training was informative and helpful. I appreciate the time invested in helping us as leaders grow and develop. Thank you."


LACBA participant feedback

  • “The program exceeded my expectations.”
  • “Not withstanding 34 years of practice, I leave with a more profound understanding of the benefit, complexity, and need for qualified mediators.”
  • “The speakers and role playing were excellent.”
  • “Program was extremely well-designed and carried out.”
  • "Excellent introduction to mediation. Highly recommended for anyone interested in entering the field.”
  • “Thorough, interesting, and motivating. Great class!”
  • “Love the program so much, it was a great choice for me as I head into my career.”
  • “Amazing program. Speakers were great!”
  • “I really enjoyed the content and exercises. Instructors were great and engaging.”
  • “Overall, excellent presentation with opportunities for interaction and participation.”
  • “The program was well done. The faculty was great.”
  • “Love this 40-hour course. Jack Goetz is a warm, friendly expert in his field.”


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