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Jack R. Goetz, Esq., M.B.A., Ph.D.


  • Adjunct Faculty member, Mediation Clinic, USC Gould School of Law.

  • President, Southern California Mediation Association (2017-2018).

  • Commissioner, Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

  • Built the business plan and educational platform for the first nationally accredited online law school.

  • Created - for the California State University campuses - a unique, applied one-semester mediation training program that integrated mediation theory with a practicum that included real world mediation practice.

  • Created a writing program for aspiring California lawyers that has proven effective at helping them pass the California bar examination for over two decades.

  • Works in the USA and internationally as a leader of various accreditation teams, coordinating onsite university visits and reports that offer suggestions to improve learning environments in the various institutions to foster best practices.

Resume: Jack R. Goetz, Esq., MBA, Ph.D.
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This article posits that the field of mediation can better serve the public by developing a system of public accountability that would elevate itself to a formal, professional status. What’s more, the proverbial train may have already left the station in disputes that are resolved in a public forum: court-connected and litigated cases.

Professionalizing Mediation, By Goetz and Kalfsbeek, 2014
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Civil Harassment Mediation: A Settlement-Friendly Environment:

Civil harassment mediation, from an outsider's perspective, seems to be a daunting environment in which to achieve a settlement. Parties have an emotional dispute, are not likely to cooperate with each other, and mediation time is limited. Nevertheless, settlements are achieved by applying well known concepts from basic mediator training.


Courtroom “Intake” Speeches for Civil Harassment and Small Claims:

Courtroom speeches encouraging mediation evolve readily from the application of well recognized principles that support the advantages of mediation.   Since courtroom time is often limited, this article presents a practical approach to using those principles in developing a five minute presentation that has been utilized in civil harassment and small claims settings. 


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The Value-Added Attorney (How to Make the Most of the Court Required Mediation Process):

Recent studies demonstrate that when a case does not settle in mediation, many attorneys participate in costly decision-error for their clients by passing on settlement offers that are better than the litigated outcome.  This article provides counsel with a 4 point checklist that helps prevent that error from occurring by fully utilizing the mediation process.


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